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Life Goes On...
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ನಮ್ಮೂರ ಉಸಾಬರಿ ----Pavagada!!- A Natures Paradise?

Well, as hints or to highlight few points about my HomeTown - Pavagada. Its an border Taluka of Karnataka but located mostly in to the AndhraPradesh. And this is one among the three Forts (Penukonda and Madhugiri being others) that were built during revival era of Vijayanagara Empire.

This is just an brief intro to my HomeTown. The way it is popular or was reminded in the minds of people, is through the Notorious but most happening events like Murders, Naxal attacks, thefts, Factionism and many equivalent activities. And the other competing popularities of our Town is, the extreme Drought and Dryness it enjoys. 

Considering these, it has become an Undeclared Desert and in the way, it is nominated as the place for nothing.  
But let this post try its best to show how different the Town is and the thought people have.

Here comes the First Pic, which shows the FortFull and historical monument - The Pavagada Betta.
And the Pic is being taken from the Nature's own Entrance to our Town "Kanive" (Valley through which we enter the Town). This entrance is followed by an Lake, which makes the entry to the Town much more pleasant. And in the Night, its Feast to the Eyes to view the Illuminated Town from the Outskirts with Sloth Bears giving the Background score.

And below is the Brief List of birds and WildLife, which we noticed with in couple of Kms radius from the Town. 

Indian Robin,
Magpie Robin,
Red Rumped and common Swallow,
Great and Pied Tit,
Bay Backed, brown and other Shrikes,
Purple sunbird,
Loten sunbird,
small sunbird, (also few others),
(fire breasted and others)Flower peckers,
Tailor Bird,
Brahminy Starling,
Black napped Oriole,
Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark,

Scaly Breasted Munia,
White rumped munia and others,

Black Shouldered Kite,
Shikra/Eurasian Sparrow Hawk?
Different Bee Eaters,
Red vented Bulbul,

Red whiskered Bulbul,
Black Bulbul,
Laughing Dove,
Blue rocked pigeon,
Ashy Prinia, Jungle Prinia and other prinia's
Many warblers,
Black kite,
Common Krestel,
Pallid Harrier,
Indian Koel,
Rose Ringed Parakeet,

House Sparrow,
Golden backed Wood pecker,
Common Hoopoe,
Pied Bushchat
White breasted Kingfisher,
India Roller,
Baya weaver (male and female),
Black chested weaver,
Pied Wagtail,

Spotted chest Babler,
Large Grey, common Babblers,
House Crow, Jungle Crow,
Myna, Jungle Myna,
Long tailed Minivet,
Red wattled Lawping,
Pond Heron,
Gargany duck,
Common Sandpiper,
Common Grebe,
CopperSmith Barbet,

Its not the final list, its just an part that we identified. There are still lot many to get into the list.

And here is the small but really astonishing list of the WildLife that is available in Pavagada

Black bucks (which is really unbelievable thing for Pavagada),

Wild boars,
Sloth Bears

It is really tough to imagine and to believe the presence of all the above creatures in the land of Hard hearted and heavily heated Pavagada. Its our multiple visits to different corners of the town which made us to explore its hidden life. And the sighting of the BlackBucks (krishna Mruga, Scat (dropouts)of Leopard, flight of many Raptors (kites, Krestel, Shikra) really increased our enthu. Also the info from locals about Wolves and foxes, herds of Peacocks and the presence of Solth bears and Pangolians which is driving us to explore further.

The above details must make people to change their thought about our dry beauty -Pavagada. There are many other things which can again support our claim, "Natures Paradise - Pavagada!!!". Let me post them later.

All these are the outcome of the Survey or useless roaming of Two Guys, one with SLR camera and other with Binocular. One for photography and other for Identification. 

And the All the above pics are from my Buddy and budding Wildlife photographer - Sunil.

Let this Go on.......