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Life Goes On...
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bare Foot Warriors - Those Forest and Tiger Survivors

Through this post I would like to put on my humble Request to all to give their Generous Contributions, to make our BareFoot warriors (Forest watchers) a little privileged. This contribution is to provide Rain Jackets to our Forest watchers (Forest survivors).

Right from our first class, we proudly read that our National Animal is Tiger. And in last couple of years, this King of Forest is again in headlines. This time it is not for its pride or majesty, but its the call for its conservation, an urge to give life and space for this Majestic animal. All this Headlines and most slogan shoutings were heard in all major Metros of our Nation and many big Sessions have went on its conservation. Many of us wore "Save Tiger" T's to our Offices and thought ourselves the part of this Great Mission.

And all of a sudden, this years Tiger survey showed an Positive news that the Tiger Population is on Rising Streak and Karnataka being emerged as second biggest home for this Wild Cat. And behind this uprising of Wild cat's number, its not our display on T's or our Shoutings on TV's or not even our so much hyped marathons, processions which led to it. But its our Forest watchers, who on their very bare foot patrolled each and every corner of the forest, just to make sure that Tiger will still be "National Animal" of Great India.

With no Weapons in hand, Not even proper clothings and on their bare foot , these real heroes doing the real Tiger and Forest Conservation. Being from Tribal background and not much earnings, the are stuggling to their best to earn livelihood. These are the Monthly Rated (MR) and Petty Cash Payment (PCP) workers who form the lowest rank but the front end warriors in saving our endangered forests and wildlife. Wearing an old khaki uniform to protect from the burning sun, the chilling winters or the rains, bare footed with a stick to fight the smugglers, poachers and forest fires, spending most of their lives in remote anti poaching camps with bare minimum facilities, getting paid the minimum wages to support their families and bring up their children in this competitive world, these watchers have no motivation to work but still are sincere and committed.

So we as a part from our Wildlife conservation team - Aranya Wildlife Trust, decided to provide Rain Coats to these Poor Heroes, to make them a bit privileged and motivate them to continue to their further contribution to protect our precous resources.

If you are interested in Stretching you helping hand please let me know. Your generous contribution will really do an impact.

Forget a movie this week
You get a Rain coat to this Conservation Geek.......

This Helps both Wildlife and a Tribal family (by increasing thier earning by being much more efficient)

An oppurtunity to make your child and Grand child to still see Wild animals.

So please do drop in your mail as a response.


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