Life Goes On...

Life Goes On...
Life--- The way u Look at it

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chance to Screw me or to get Screwed!!!

The only Chance.......

Exciting Openings in My Life!! (Mandatorily fresher’s)
I am currently looking for an Ambitious and Most daring girl, who can take up the challenge of leading her remaining life with me.

Me being, manufactured and moulded in Gadinadu (Border area) and Gandugala beedu (Place of Real men) Pavagada - 561202, later completed BE E&C and worked (working) in HP R&D and Bosch. I have long list of Friends along with Respect (?) in their Hearts. I have wide range of Portfolios/Hobbies ranging from Watching TV9 to most exciting Trekking and Wildlife conservation. And I am a most trust worthy guy with many best characters like Compromising, Patience, ever Smiling never Mourning and many others.

Desired Profile:
Current opening expects at least few of the following Characters
1.       After all, they should feel they look good
2.       Slim yet Powerful
3.       Simple living High thinking
4.       Being happy (Anyhow  life is uncertain)
5.       Basic knowledge of Cooking, Housekeeping, Washing etc (atleast in a position to assist me in these)
6.       Skills in some Creative things (handicrafts, Arts)
7.       Experience on Trekking and Nature walks would be an added advantage
8.       If taking care of your nephews/some babies was an experienced thing for you….Wow!!!

Work Profile:
Being my Better Half, I would expect you to make my second life Better and not Bitter. Even after many Bad/negative feedbacks from many Non-bachelor guys, I am taking this extraordinary challenge to get Married with sacrifice of many things.

But for first 6 months you will be on Probationary period and based on your performance (dating, roaming, Texting etc….) during this period you will be Posted as my Better half.

I am not expecting any Caution Deposits from you and any gifts even, but I would expect you to make my second innings a sweeter one.

I will sure encourage your creative thoughts and 100% co-operation to bring up any new generation products.

Being my Better half is the only position you can enjoy and no further Vertical growth.

You will be left to enjoy freedom in its true sense and I will expect the same from you.

And many more things to mention but all these can be discussed during our meetings.

Note: One assurance from Myside that this opening will sure make your life bright and provide wide opportunity to grow in many fields. Moreover, up to my knowledge I think I am a Good Guy.

Disclaimer:  you are not legally allowed to spend your obtained knowledge or other things with someone else.

Selection Process:

No written Tests or Telephonic rounds. Only Face to Face interview.

If you feel that your profile matches above requirement, please send in following details
1.       Your picasa web album link (with at least one pic of your’s)
2.       Your Facebook and Gtalk profile links

Yours Might Be
Santhosh S L